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Property Research

Property Research

LJ Hooker Commercial is a network offering national solutions for clients navigating the modern business landscape.
Experts across sales, leasing and property management, the team identifies emerging market trends to ensure clients ahead of the curve when making informed real estate decisions.
While we keep our clients informed on a personal basis, you can access our most up-to-date detailed local market research and insights here:

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Industrial Research

Our industrial research provides a comprehensive insight into how industrial property markets around Australia are performing.   The LJ Hooker Commercial Industrial Market Monitor is a bi-annual look at the performance of industrial property markets in each state and territory. They provide a unique insight into investment and leasing activity as well as the demand and supply dynamics of each market.


我們的工業地產研究報告提供了關於全澳工業地產市場表現的全面深刻洞察。LJ Hooker商業部工業地產市場監控報告為半年刊,每期均對每個州和行政區的工業地產市場進行詳細分析,提供了對市場投資和租賃活動,以及每個市場的供需態勢的獨特洞見。

Office Research

Our office sector research offers a unique insight into the performance of Australia’s CBD, metropolitan and suburban office markets.   The LJ Hooker Commercial Office Market Monitor report provides a comprehensive insight into how major office markets around Australia are performing. The reports track investment activity, major lease transactions, vacancy rates across each capital city market and provide an outlook for tenant demand and new supply.


我們的寫字樓市場研究提供了對澳大利亞各中央商務區、大都市區以及郊區寫字樓市場的獨特洞察。LJ Hooker 商業地產寫字樓市場監控報告全面研究了全澳主要寫字樓市場的動態,跟踪分析了每個州府城市的寫字樓投資活動,大型租賃交易以及空置率變動,並展望了未來的租賃需求和新增供給趨勢。

Retail Research

Our retail research tracks investment, leasing and development activity across all major retail markets across Australia. The LJ Hooker Commercial Retail Market Monitor report provides a detailed insight into how major retail markets around Australia are performing. These reports offer commentary on how the domestic and global economy is affecting retail markets and individual asset types. They also track current investor demand, future supply pipelines and leasing and investment activity.