Sector Focus Supports Growth in Managements

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LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur has expanded its asset management portfolio with the addition of $50m worth of investments, recently.

The addition of some 20,000sqm of building area has taken the value of LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur’s asset management portfolio to circa $1.5bn, positioning it as the leading provider of asset management services in the Macarthur Region. 

One of the larger additions came via a longstanding relationship between an investor and LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur’s co-Directors Darren Zammit (pictured below left) and Aaron Ward (pictured below right). 

Macarthur_Darren Zammit Macarthur_Aaron Ward

“We actually sold the investor his first property in the area in 2001,” said Mr Ward. 

“They know our approach to asset management and our on-the-ground presence and experience. These factors are why we’ve had a lot of growth in asset management over the last two years. 

“We’ve acquired a lot of managements from referrals via existing clients and other professionals in the Macarthur region.” 

Over two decades in the area, Mr Ward said the agency had provided advisory services and optimised asset performance for investors to grow their portfolios. 

“We have several stories of helping investors acquire one property, and now we manage 10 for them,” he said. “As a business, there’s a real correlation between the longevity we’ve had in the market and the wealth accumulation of our clients.” 

LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur has split its asset management offering into separate departments being industrial/commercial and retail. Mr Ward said industrial represented approximately 65% of the agency’s managements, with office assets and a broad range of retail - from neighbourhood shopping centres to strip shops – splitting the balance. 

Within the agency’s asset management division, both have a Head of Department - Alecia Wallace (Industrial/ Commercial) and Cassandra Parker (Retail) - with asset managers and assistants reporting directly to them. 

Mr Zammit said the structure was aimed at developing efficiencies and mitigating risk for both the business and their investors. 

Mr Zammit said the office supports the professional development of their asset management team, which has enabled them to grow the service offering. 

“There’s an advantage in having specialist knowledge of compliance and industry connections in the two departments,” he said. “Having a sector focus allows us to deliver solutions and faster advice to our clients and respond to tenant and investor requests with greater confidence. 

“Retail, in particular, is very different in its legislation and compliance. 

“We participate regularly with the PCA’s professional development courses and we’ve also brought-in solicitors to brief us on new legislation and recent interpretations of the Retail Leases Acts through the courts.” 


Reach out to the team at LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur to find out more about the Macarthur commercial property market and read our Commercial Magazine for the latest commercial real estate opportunities and insights.  










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