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West Australians receive a property boost

On Aug 29 2012
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West Australian first time buyers are reaping the rewards of the government's affordable ...

West Australian first time buyers are reaping the rewards of the government's affordable housing strategy, the state's housing minister said yesterday (August 28).

Terry Redman said the State Affordable Housing Strategy was assisting more West Australians enter the residential property market, with increase home ownership opportunities on offer.

Since 2010, the strategy has delivered more than 6,200 affordable homes through a number of initiatives, including affordable private rentals, community housing and homeownership incentives.

"This initial success has laid a very strong foundation for the state government to achieve its target of providing at least 20,000 affordable homes by 2020," Mr Redman explained.

"The strategy, which is focused on low to moderate income earners, is increasing the supply and diversity of affordable housing to meet the needs of the current and future generations."

The Keystart first time home owners scheme has helped more than 1,900 West Australians get a foot on the property ladder, and 3,200 social houses have been delivered to the public and community property sector.

Mr Redman said the government was committed to addressing housing demand across the state, both among the disadvantaged community and the private sector.

"We will continue to reform planning and approval processes and increase the number of entrepreneurial trials that are currently testing new ways of financing and delivering affordable housing within commercially viable projects," he added.

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