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Sydney aiding sustainability effort through initiatives

On Sep 30 2013
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One of the biggest problems facing our Earth at the moment is the unsustainable lifestyles that ...

One of the biggest problems facing our Earth at the moment is the unsustainable lifestyles that many people across the globe possess.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report from the United Nation's has highlighted the importance of cities around the world becoming cleaner and greener, in an effort to slow down the effects of carbon pollution.

Anyone interested in buying a home in a sustainable community should investigate Sydney, as there are a number of initiatives in place to help the city reduce its overall impact on the deteriorating situation of our planet.

In a reaction to the report, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said that the city's overall sustainability goal is to reduce its emissions by 70 per cent by 2030, in order to take "urgent action against climate change".

"These targets were prepared in direct response to calls from the community to address climate change," said Ms Moore in a September 30 statement.

"We will continue to work with residents, businesses and other levels of government to ensure our City remains a global leader in the fight against climate change."

One of the main initiatives that can be opted into is the City Switch Green Office program, which is aimed at commercial property and is designed to help reduce the business sector's impact on the planet.

According to the City Switch website, 80 per cent of emissions that come from cities are created in commercial buildings, which can be reduced by making a few simple changes to the way they operate.

Furthermore, the City has undertaken a retrofit of 45 major buildings throughout Sydney, which aims to reduce the amount of energy and water that is used to a more sustainable level. The City has currently fit 95 per cent of the intended buildings, already contributing to the community's greener living effort.

The installation of solar panels on various buildings around the city has also contributed a generous 18 per cent reduction to emissions, while investment in the installation of LED street lights has resulted in a further 27 per cent fall in emissions.

Now more than ever it is important to do your part and undertake a more sustainable lifestyle.

Taking this opportunity to sell your property and move into a community with an emphasis on cleaner living could be the perfect stimulant to help you do your part to help extend the life of our planet for future generations.

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