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Major developments coming to south east NSW

On May 29 2014
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While most everyone knows about the major changes coming to the city of Sydney, the largest city in ...

While most everyone knows about the major changes coming to the city of Sydney, the largest city in both New South Wales and Australia, not as many people know about the developments coming to south eastern NSW. But the changes that this region is experiencing are just as exciting as those in the Harbour City.

The south east region is renowned for its food production, renewable energy, tourism, as well as its natural environment. Its temperate climate, productive soil and status as a gateway to a number of key markets make it a perfect location for agriculture, and an ideal place to buy up rural property. Its local attractions revolve around this fact - its Cherry, Oyster and South Coast Wine festivals, the Marine Discovery Centre and the Kosciuszko National Park, among others. 

Like much of Australia, however, south east NSW is seeing some significant demographic changes. Its population is expected to grow from 183,400 in 2011 to 243,400 in 2031, according to a December 2012 NSW government regional action plan. That's a population increase of nearly 30 per cent. 

Major infrastructure developments coming to NSW

To deal with this shift, the government is embarking on a number of initiatives to improve state infrastructure and food production in the region, making life more sustainable and environmentally sensitive - initiatives that will have an impact on rural real estate in the area. 

For one, around 50,000 houses will be built to accommodate population growth. The infrastructure in the neighbourhood is also due to see some major upgrades that will increase livability in the region. The state government's Coastal Infrastructure Program will provide $2 million for repairs to the Port of Eden, home to one of the largest fishing fleets in NSW and a major port in the south coast.

Other projects in the pipeline include a proposed expansion of the Merimbula Airport to strengthen connections to international markets, along with a multimillion dollar upgrade to the local water and sewage systems. The greater access to markets and other parts of the state will improve conditions for businesses and residents, as well as provide a boost for the local economy. 

Fresh food and produce a priority

One of the foremost projects of the plan is to grow the regional food economy, making it both profitable and sustainable. 

The South East Food Action plan aims to promote sustainable production methods, help local food producers sell food through different markets and present the area as a vibrant, happening location for sustainable agriculture. This is sure to perk up the ears of anyone who's considering buying land in the region, for commercial or other reasons.

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