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Property News

Sydney gets top marks from the OECD

December 06, 2011

Energy efficiency and beauty, as well as links to other regions and ease of navigation, are what determine the demand from businesses to buy or lease office space in a particular city.

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 campaign addresses all of these issues and may boost the appeal of the city to those who want to build or rent commercial and retail space.

Lord mayor Clover Moore identified the vision as one that saw Sydney as a ''global, green and connected city'' - and these efforts have now been recognised by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

According to the report titled Climate Change, Employment and Local Development released this week: ''Sydney is leading a wave of transformation in the country and has some state-of-the-art initiatives that are examples to other OECD regions.''

It cited a liveable environment, as well as amenities, business networks - spanning Australia and the entire Asia-Pacific region - and strategic infrastructure as key to Sydney's appeal.

These factors, in conjunction with the city's efforts to tackle climate change, have awarded it top marks from the international body.

In fact, Sydney is outpacing London when it comes to making green improvements.

A total of 57.4 per cent of Sydney-based firms have made changes to jobs with environmental sustainability in mind, but in London, only 3.5 per cent of organisations have made the same move.

The city has also announced ambitious plans to work with Cogent Energy in an effort to cut greenhouse gases in the CBD through a new low-carbon energy network.

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