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Property News

Perth to see new commercial developments on old entertainment site

December 09, 2011

The Western Australian government has recently granted approval to begin the first commercial property development on the site of the old entertainment centre.

Forming the first part of the new Perth City Link project, the new building will have 11 stories of "mixed use" real estate - with 10 dedicated to be used as office space and the ground floor turned over to retail stores.

Speaking on the December 7 decision, state planning minister John Day said that this construction project would be the first of six buildings to be erected on the Kings Square precinct.

Day asserted: "Less than eight months since works commenced, the demolition of the Perth Entertainment Centre has been completed on schedule and the site has been cleared ready for future development.

"This will add approximately 19,000 square metres of floor space to Perth's CBD, including four retail tenancies at ground level, 10 floors of office space and a rooftop terrace."

Due to begin construction sometime in 2012, the city link project will reconnect the central district to the Northbridge precinct for the first time in over a century - potentially improving the capacity of the city's residents to live and work in new locations across the capital city.

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