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Property News

Sydney and Copenhagen leaders discuss commercial property practices

November 23, 2011

The lord mayor of Sydney has met her counterpart from Copenhagen to discuss sustainable city planning practices.

Clover Moore has hosted the meeting with the Danish delegation along with City of Sydney chief executive officer Monica Barone.

Frank Jensen - lord mayor of Copenhagen - and CEO of the foreign capital Claus Juhl headed the international contingent, speaking on the sustainable efforts that went into making a truly liveable city.

He said that he was impressed to hear of the recent additions to the harbour city - in particular the promotion of cycling as a viable means of commuter transit.

Jensen asserted: "Almost half of the Copenhageners use their bike to work and school every day. A recent study shows that we are avoiding external costs of more than $40 million every year because of this.

"It is very inspiring to hear about the plans in Sydney, and I am impressed to learn what is being done."

Clover Moore complemented her visitors on their green commercial property developments and how they had produced what she called the "Copenhagenisation effect".

"These sustainability policies have greatly improved the quality of life for people living and working in the city," said the lord mayor.

"In five years, turnover in Copenhagen's green sector has jumped 55 per cent, with 12 per cent annual growth rates in exports, and productivity increases four times higher than the region's average."

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