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Property News

Dock square a breath of fresh air for Melbourne commercial property

December 20, 2011

Victoria harbour is set to receive a new waterfront development as part of its ongoing Docklands project - with a civic square and public library helping to breathe fresh life into the neighbourhood.

Close to the Melbourne CBD, the area has recently undergone a period of thorough urban renewal which has seen additional public facilities, as well as new residential and commercial real estate developments.

The Docklands development will help to increase the area's reputation for offering a wealth of inner-city lifestyle opportunities - with multiple shopping centres, parks and dining venues.

In addition, the project will help to encourage more in the way of business visits - with easy access to public transport already available.

The blend of older maritime buildings being adapted and integrated with modern construction has also helped to make the Docklands area an interesting place to live and work - with a number of high-profile companies such as Bendigo Bank, NAB, Myer and AXA all maintaining offices in the region.

With the addition of a public library and civic square, the appeal for businesses and members of the public is sure to increase in the future, making the west-Melbourne address one of the more interesting destinations in terms of commercial property.

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