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Property News

Victoria government to help retailers prepare for the future

February 10, 2012

In the era of online shopping and entertainment, it is important for retailers to find forward-thinking strategies to remain competitive.

Recent numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate the retail industry accounted for $314 billion of sales and 14.6 per cent of employment in Australia.

One strategy to meet modern challenges is the free Retail Excellence Workshops, sponsored jointly by the Victoria Coalition government and the Australian Retailers Association.  

Four skill-based sessions, customised for three Victoria locations will focus on learning techniques to adapt to the current economic climate as well as changing customer behaviours.

For Victorians thinking about starting a retail company and perhaps buying commercial property, this information may help to map out a business plan.

Online shopping in Australia increased 61 per cent from 2006-07 to 2008-09, and the majority of online purchases were made because of the convenience and lower prices, respectively.

The above numbers highlight the challenges faced by retailers to get people in the door.

Innovation, services and small business minister Louise Asher said: "Retail forms a major element of the state’s dynamic small business sector and is a key economic driver for the state, employing around 311,000 Victorians."

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